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About RAC


Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, Rent a Couture act as an online fashion-rental company. Inspired by the thought of creating a brand which offers wide range of formal wear from cocktail dress, evening gown, minimalist traditional outfit, pre-wedding dress and more to meet every woman’s needs on different occasion.



Rent a Couture was established by the essential thought that we all, women, deserve a chance to experience every beautiful product, without having to splurge excessively. Our biggest desire is to spoil you with most distinguished and desirable products from both locally and internationally known designer. Think of us as your endless closet!



Rent a Couture provides you luxurious experience by carefully curating our collections from fashion designers - who share discerning taste. Our closet expands each month to meet your dynamic needs, so make sure you are regularly updated with our new comers!



Sebastian Red by Sebastian Gunawan
Algarry by Albert Yanuar
Peggy Hartanto
Three Floor
Jessica Sim
POTTS Jakarta
Stella Lunardy
Petite and the Buns
Raisa Febriana
Elleonora Shindy
Braids + Co

Agnesya Liberty

Eline by Eliza Citra

Elsie Chrysila

Fellyza Sanjaya


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