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Why you'll love us


Endless Closet

No more “I have nothing to wear” moment, as you now have all the choice from local and international significant designers. Think of us as your sister’s endless closet!


Bid goodbye to your wear-a-same-dress-twice anxiety.

Walk with confidence at every special occasion you have and let your dress does the talk.


Happy wallet. Happier you.

Rather than splurging on statement piece that you’d only use couple times, you can now rent them from 20% of its original price! Remember that smart women run the world.


Wider closet every month.

Just when you think we couldn't make you happier, range of new items are coming each month to our closet!


Sound appealing?

Click here to browse through our collection. PS : you might fell in love with our dresses and flaunt them in your special occasion.